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Preventative Maintenance means

You Never have
to worry about leaks

You want your roofing system to protect your facility from the elements so you can work without interruption. The best way to keep your roof healthy is a scheduled maintenance program.

Our commercial roof repair service team works with property managers, multi-facility and single building owners, and maintenance supervisors of all kinds to provide a professional roof maintenance solution to meet the unique needs of each facility and budget. Our trained maintenance crews are safety-minded and follow a step-by-step approach to ensure we maintain quality on every project.

Take care of your roof

Roofing manufacturers recommend building owners have a preventative maintenance program in place for their warranted roof. You may even qualify for extensions on your warranty if you have a plan in place.

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Protect Your Investment

Increase the life of your roof

Marty Robbins Roofing’s Commercial Roof Repair and Commercial Roof Maintenance programs help you maintain your facility and protect you from unexpected leaks.
Our teams are specifically trained to maintain your roof with efficiency and professionalism. We assess your roof and look for potential problems before they become major issues.

When you have a scheduled maintenance with Marty Robbins Roofing Company you are getting a professional team that knows how to get the job done right.


Clean roof of all debris


Inspect expansion joints and seams in roof field


Clean and reseal gutters and downspouts


Broom heavily soiled areas on roof top due to ponding water


Inspect and repair flashing of curbs, penetrations, pipes, skylights, and walls


Resecure loose sheet metal


Reseal cracked or missing cauld joints

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Complimentary Roof Maintenance Quote

Does your business need a scheduled roof maintenance plan?   You can prolong the life of your roof and avoid major damage from roof leaks with scheduled maintenance program. Older buildings with flat roofs typically have out-dated roofing systems that are prone to leaking and require extensive maintenance. If you want to be prepared, we can help. We provide a free roof assessments.